Not Just A Dizzy Blonde.

I am sure that many of my London escorts dates think that I am a bit of a dizzy blonde. It is easy to think that all blondes are bimbos and don’t really know what is going on in the world. But, if my London escorts stop and thought about it, they would soon realise that a lot of blondes who work for charlotte action escorts are pretty savvy. Working for an escort agency pays well, and although it is tempting to waste your money, I am not that sort of girl to do so.

Many London escorts do choose to waste their money on things that they don’t really need. Other London escorts, like the girls from places such as Poland and Hungary, do send a lot of their money home. I can understand why they do that. A lot of them came to the UK to make money for their families and they have been able to do so thanks to London escorts. But, the local girls, such as me, often have different ideas of what to do with their money.

When I joined my first London escorts agency, I set myself a couple of goals. The first thing I wanted to do was to save up enough to buy a place in London. Last year, I managed to do just that. I am happy with what I have got and now I am planning to achieve my next goal. Little by little, I am building up what I call my London escorts retirement fund. Instead of spending my tips on new shoes every week, I am trying to live on that money so that all of my earnings stay in the bank.

What about all of the gifs that you receive as a London escort? Most popular London escorts do receive a lot of gifts. Some stuff, like the perfume and body lotion, you can really do a lot with when it comes down to it. I use it and thanks to my clients generosity I don’t need to worry about buying things like that. But, there is one thing that I really look after and that is my collection of designer bags and jewelry that I have been given by my clients. I hardly use any of the bags. They sit in their boxes and are more or less in mint condition.

All of the jewelry that I have received since I joined London escorts is safely tucked away in my safe. There are some pieces that I really like, but when I finally leave London escorts, I am going to get it valued and I may even sell it off. That is not something that I am sure about as yet. After all, jewelry does not really go down in price. Instead, I may just sell my designer handbags. I worked out that I have at least £8,000 in designer handbags. The only problem is that bank rates are low, so I am not sure where I should put my money after I have sold my bags. What London escorts see as assets may differ from the rest of the population, but I do think that many of us blondes are doing a pretty good job.


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